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How to visit Barcelona on a budget

If you are planning to travel to Barcelona there is a suitable budget for every pocket. I am going to give you a list with the main expenses so that you can have an idea of ​​the money that you are going to need.

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Here is what you will find:


You can find beds in well-placed hostels from € 13. If you prefer a private room prices start at € 50 and Airbnb offers rooms from around € 25 per night.


Gastronomy is a very important part of the culture of the place and, in my opinion, it is a pity not to enjoy trying to save some money. There are affordable and quality options to get a little closer to the cuisine of this country without staggering your economy. Markets offer fresh and quality food, in the indoor bars or on the terraces in summer, you can taste different traditional or more innovative dishes at a good price.

Tapas bars are the ideal place to eat something after a day of sightseeing while you relax watching people go by. In some cases the decoration is very typical and cozy and ends up being a unique experience. Many restaurants offer lunchtime menus that include first and second course, desserts and drink for about € 10, it is also interesting to make a stop at some traditional restaurant to immerse yourself in the most authentic Barcelona. Abstain from eating a paella on the terraces in la Rambla, it is highly touristic and cheesy!

Presupuesto para viajar a Barcelona, blog perdiendo el rumbo


The most basic option is to buy a T10, a card valid for all public transports, includes 10 trips and costs € 9.95. There are also different touristic travel cards which are unlimited and all of them include the trip to the airport (otherwise the trip costs € 4.5, remember that you can go by train or by subway L9):

  • 2 days – € 14.50
  • 3 days – € 21.20
  • 4 days – € 27.7
  • 5 days – € 33.7

Depending on the days you stay, you can choose between a touristic card or a T10. I would personally advise you to create an itinerary for every area or neighborhood to try to use the card not so often. Barcelona is not an excessively large city and the distances are pleasantly walked by foot. Besides, architecturally speaking it is very pretty, and while walking we can see many beautiful spots, it is very pleasant to sit on a bench to eat something or enjoy the moment. If you do not feel like walking so much but you want to see the city closely, renting a bike is always a good option, it usually costs 10 € per day or 45 per week, the cheapest offer I have found is in Mattia46 they offer them for € 5 per day.

presupuesto para viajar a barcelona, blog perdiendo el rumbo


The entrance fee to the most popular buildings and museums usually is between € 12 and € 20. But it all depends on the kind of tourism that you like and on your interests. There’s no need to visit every single building to have a nice holiday in Barcelona or to feel that we have lived in the city. There are parks, you can organize routes through different neighborhoods, bars, restaurants, some markets, festivals of regional products, concerts, activities, the beach (although it is not idyllic) and endless things to do and enjoy to feel like if you were living in this city.

presupuesto para viajar a barcelona, blog de viajes
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