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First Time Flying? Useful tips to travel by plane

Are you planning to travel by plane and finding yourself wondering about what to do at the airport for the first time? Well, in this article, I’ll guide you through the entire process of taking your first flight, whether it’s a domestic journey or an international adventure. You’ll find tailored advice for each step along the way, including security and immigration procedures, the boarding process, collecting your luggage, and more.

Here is what you will find:

What time should I get to the airport?

The first thing you’ll need to figure out is when to arrive at the airport. Your boarding pass will have the boarding and departure times for your flight.

Boarding usually takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour, during which passengers get on the plane. The departure time is when all passengers are on board and the plane starts moving towards the takeoff runway.

I’d recommend getting to the airport 2 hours before departure for domestic flights, and 3 hours for international ones. It might sound like a long time, but you never know how long the security or check-in lines might be, and there could always be unexpected delays with baggage or other things.

diferencia entre la hora de embarque y  de salida de un vuelo de avión

Before you leave home, make sure to print the check-in/boarding pass. Even if you have it on your phone (whether it’s in the airline’s app or downloaded), it’s a good idea to have a printed copy with you, just in case.

Which terminal should I head to?

Before you get to the airport, you’ll want to find out which terminal you need. Airports often have multiple terminals, and your specific one will be listed on your check-in/boarding pass.

For instance, for organizational purposes, an airport could be split into two sections, with one terminal dedicated to domestic flights and another handling international flights.

¿A qué terminal del aeropuerto debo dirigirme?

Do I need to go to the airline counter?

Once you arrive at the airport and if you have luggage to check in, you’ll need to head over to your airline’s counter. In certain flights, the airline might require you to check in at the counter. If this applies to your case, it will be indicated on your ticket or communicated to you in some way. If you’re having trouble finding the counter, don’t hesitate to ask airport staff for directions.

At the airline counter, they’ll verify your information, weigh your baggage, attach the appropriate tags, and send it off to the plane’s cargo area. Once you’re done there, you can proceed to the security checkpoint. If you’re not required to visit the counter, you can head straight to security.

Clearing Security Screening

When you reach the security checkpoint, you’ll need to put your belongings, including your keys, bag, and phone, into the provided trays. In some airports, you might be required to take off your shoes as well.

The trays will be scanned to ensure there are no prohibited items, and you’ll walk through a metal detector. Sometimes, individuals are randomly chosen for extra security measures, or if something is unclear on the scanner, you might be asked to open your suitcase. After that, you can collect your belongings and continue on your way.

Pasar el cONTROL POlicial en el aeropuerto

Boarding Step by Step

Now that you’ve successfully gone through security, it’s time to focus on the boarding process or getting on the plane. Let’s go over how to find your gate and how the boarding process is organized.

Where is my boarding gate?

The first thing you need to do is locate your designated boarding gate. Boarding gates are identified by a letter and a number. The letter indicates the section of the airport, and each section has its own set of gates. To start, head to the display screens to find your flight. If you don’t see a gate listed right away, don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal. You’ll need to wait for a little while and keep an eye on the screens until your gate information appears.

hacer el embarque en el aeropuerto

Once you’ve got it, just follow the instructions on the overhead signs. And even when you’re already at your gate, don’t get too comfortable. Stay tuned to the announcements on the speakers and pay attention to those around you, as gate changes can sometimes occur.

How is the boarding process arranged?

Boarding is structured into groups, and your designated group will be specified on your boarding pass. Make sure to keep your passport or ID and your ticket accessible as you go through the boarding process. Your seat number is also clearly indicated on your boarding pass.

You’ll notice that your seat number is a combination of a number and a letter. The letter indicates the seat’s location (whether it’s by the window, aisle, or middle), and the number corresponds to the row.

como saber cual es el asiento de avion de mi vuelo

From this point onward, you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

Immigration Check for International Flights

If you’re on an international flight, a little while before landing, they’ll hand out forms that you’ll need to fill in with your information and some details about your trip, such as your return flight number or your hotel address.

Remember that not all international flights require you to fill out these forms. For example, if you’re from a Schengen Area country and traveling to another Schengen country, you won’t need to fill anything out.

Keep the form safe because you’ll need to submit it at the immigration control in the arrival airport. If you happen to fall asleep and run out of forms, don’t worry, you can pick up another one near the immigration area.

In case you do need to go through immigration, you’ll do so after you’ve gotten off the plane. Otherwise, you can head straight to collect your luggage.

como pasar el control de inmigracion del aeropuerto

When you reach the immigration checkpoint, they’ll check your passport, visa (if needed), and the form given to you on the plane. They might also ask for additional information or documents. Every country has its own entry requirements, so it’s a good idea to research these before booking your flight.

You might also face a few questions: if you’ve visited before, the purpose of your trip, etc. Keep your responses concise, avoid unnecessary explanations, and refrain from making jokes with the authorities. Your aim is to move through this process smoothly and avoid any complications.

If you’re traveling by plane for the first time, this step might seem a bit complicated or even stressful. Don’t worry, though—having all the necessary paperwork should allow you to enter the country without any issues.

Picking Up Your Luggage

The next step is to head over and grab your luggage. Even if you haven’t checked any bags, just follow the same path as everyone else, because the exit area is usually located near the baggage claim. And remember, everything is well indicated on the overhead signs, so you won’t have any trouble finding your way.

Baggage is delivered on conveyor belts, and each flight has its own designated belt. To find yours, you just need to check your flight number on the big display screen. Alternatively, there’s usually a smaller screen above the belts that shows the flight’s origin and number.

Once you’ve got your luggage, just make your way to the exit.

cintas para recoger las maletas y el equipaje en el aeropuerto

Exiting and Getting to Your Hotel

Once you step outside, your next task is to find transportation to reach your hotel. Airports typically have taxis available, and some might offer train, subway, or bus services too. If you’re considering using public transportation, it’s a good idea to check out options and prices before you leave for your trip, while you’re still in your home country.

If you won’t have mobile internet access, always keep your hotel’s address saved in a place that doesn’t require an internet connection or battery (write it down on a piece of paper!). It’s also a good idea to have a map on your phone so you can always keep track of your location and avoid getting lost, even if you’re taking a taxi.

As you can see, traveling by plane for the first time doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. All you need is a clear understanding of the steps, and if you’re ever unsure, don’t hesitate to ask flight attendants, airport personnel, or even the police for assistance.

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