Carnival of Cultures: parallel realities in Berlin

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Street  festivals are very popular in Berlin and one of its hot spots. It is a good time to leave home and feel transported to another world, the diversity of people living in this city is such that every festival is a new adventure.

One of the most popular is the Carnival of Cultures (Karneval der Kulturen) celebrated around the weekend of Pentecost in late May or early June and lasts 4 days.

It is a multicultural festival held since 1996 in the district of Kreuzberg  with the aim of celebrating peace, tolerance and cultural diversity. Throughout the neighborhood different stages are built, which offer concerts of all music styles and small stands where to eat and drink.

There is a parade on Sunday, the floats are decorated with different motifs: Brazil, rock / metal, unprompted, reggae, techno and I must say that there are some floats that are a bit difficult to guess what they represent.

The picture above is from the rock/metal/heavy float, there’s a list for the people who are aiming to follow them during the parade, and the organizers give them the opportunity to come on stage to play and sing live, they have all the necessary instruments: guitars , bass, drums…

Along the way you can also find groups that defend some kind of culture, trend or philosophy of life, like these girls who defend hedonism. They decorated two carts towed by bikes with flowers, plants, mushrooms and banners.

Officially the party lasts until midnight, but if you stay you can enjoy small improvisations organized in the street with percussion instruments (batucada style), or loudspeakers and electro,… there are usually several within a few distance of each other, so you can move among them if you get bored.

You can find more info about the Carnival of Cultures in this link and more festivals here.