Carnival of Subculture: an alternative carnival in Berlin

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In May/June, depending on the year, the Carnival of Cultures (Karneval der Kulturen) is celebrated in Berlin and as an alternative party the people of Köpi (legalized squat) organize the Carnival of Subculture in Köpenicker Straße. I highly recommend this festival. This is the menu of the day:

– It starts at 4pm with an opening speech that you can skip.

-At 5pm there is a war of tuned bikes with three different categories, here’s the first:

  • Individual bikes

  • Medieval Tournament: Each competitor has a large stick with a boxing glove at the end, the first to fall loses.

  • Giant Bikes (yes, the one at the back is a waste container with wheels)

As you can imagine the rules are very simple, there are no rules. You can take the opponent’s bike and kick it, jump on it, tie it with a rope and drag it all over the street … andthe last bike left standing wins . A show 100% recommendable, incredibly fun.

-Then, when a winner has already been chosen, the punk/metal concerts begin.

-Later they open the building where there is a bar, a room with concerts, cinema and in the basement a club. Even if you do not like this kind of music, you can stay there, drink a beer, eat something or buy merchandising from the organizers. And later you can join the party in the squat. The Carnival of Subculture is a good opportunity to see another side of Berlin in all its splendor. It is a party for all audiences and there are children playing in the street or trying to ride one of the bikes of the competition.

The festival takes place on Köpenicker Strasse, in the district of Mitte . The U8 Heinrich-Heine-Strasse is the nearest underground station, another option is to take the S-Bahn S3 and get off at Ostbahnhof.