Görlitzer Park: barbecues, green plains, graffiti and goats in Berlin

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Parks are one of the biggest attractions in Berlin. After a long, long winter, when summer arrives everyone leaves their house and tries to do the maximum number of outdoor activities: in the parks, terraces, lakes, open airs… If you are visiting the city and want to relax or eat something, the best option is to buy a sandwich or some food to take away (any restaurant offers this option) and go to the nearest park. Some of them are really large, you can even get lost. 

Bar en Gorlitzer park, berlin blog de viajes

Located in the center of Kreuzberg, Görlitzer Park is one of the most lively parks in the city. It is a perfect place to sunbathe, read a book or make a barbecue. It also has a visually quite bar, where you can drink or eat something. In front of the bar there is an amphitheater, if you are lucky you will find people playing. If you wanto to have lunch, a small snack or have forgotten some ingredient for the barbecue, the nearby streets are full of restaurants and supermarkets, so improvising is not a problem. Or if you want  to go for a drink later, when it starts to fall, this is the perfect neighborhood. It offers a great variety of bars, clubs and concert halls where you can part until dawn.

Músicos tocando en Gorlitzer Park, berlín blog de viajes

Something that may seem curious, is that for children (and for those who, like me, go crazy watching animals) there is a small farm with goats, donkeys, rabbits, chickens, geese, ducks and sheep, to make children come into contact with animals and plants. It is accessed by the entrance in Wiener Strasse (59b). During the week they organize activities and it is closed to the public, but on Sundays is open day and you can have a drink in the indoor cafe. You can find more info here.

Görlitzer park Berlin Germany

Subway station: Görlitzer Park U1