Opera night at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin

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In quiet afternoons when we do not want to live crazy adventures, and prefer that someone tells us a good story, the perfect neighborhood is Charlottenburg where you can enjoy an opera night.

Deutsche Oper berlin
Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi

Comparing with the Comic Opera (Komische Oper), this one is in a building with a more modern and sober touch, the stagings are diverse: classic, minimalist, burlesque and some as surprising and daring as the one in the photo.

deutsche oper berlin
The Abduction from the Seraglio, W. A. Mozart

Prices start at € 22, but there are also discounts for students: tickets (any seat, regardless of the original price) costs € 15 if you go one hour before the start of the performance, you only have to present the student card, it does not influence the age or the country where it was issued. For people under 30 y.o. there’s also a bonus, presenting it 1 hour before the function starts, the ticket costs only € 10.

deutsche oper berlin