Volkspark Friedrichshain: volleyball, cinema, climbing and ducks in Berlin

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Volkspark Friedrichshain is a wild card in summer, it’s alive in every corner . It is a mixture of ages, activities and different chores. There are always people practicing sports, from jogging to petanque, volleyball, football and skating. It is also a meeting point for acroyoga and meditation groups.

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There is a small area dedicated to climbing, for both children and adults, and the ice cream van tirelessly wanders around the park warning of its arrival by ringing a bell. The hammocks hang from tree to tree and there are countless barbecues that invade the place.

parque de Friedrichshain, Berlin blog de viajes

On the other side of the park there are two lakes, the main one has a lawn area, a small creek where children bathe and an area with a bar, restaurant and pin tables. Personally I prefer the second one, it is smaller and cozy with wooden benches and ducklings. It is a bit hidden and not adapted to accommodate so many people at the same time.

parque de Friedrichshain, Berlin blog de viajes

One can observe a very peculiar type of duck, with plumage of different colors, browns and lilacs, of very elegant appearance.

parque de Friedrichshain, Berlin blog de viajes

At night during the summer they thre’s an open-air cinema (“Freiluft Kino” in German) in an amphitheater with high-quality sound system and screen. The cinema screens independent film and animation films.

It is a multi-faceted park. Even if you only go for a walk without a fixed course or a goal in mind, there is always something to observe without having to do even the slightest effort, there are so many activities and so different people who frequently visits the place, that it is impossible not to find something that fascinates or captures our attention.

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To get there the closest tram stations are Paul-Heyse-Strasse (M10) or Landsberger Allee / Petersburger Strasse (M10, M8, M5, M6).