La Fête de la Musique in Berlin

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June 21st is one of the most special days in Berlin: la Fête de la Musique is celebrated with the aim of giving all people access to the music. Its streets are filled with artists playing freely, from friends who gather to enjoy music, dance or take part actively improvising with the musicians. Everyone is invited to play where, when and what they want. And it goes without saying that the vast majority of events are free.

fête musique, berlin

It is also a good time to discover the music of other countries, since there are people who come together to play traditional music of their country of origin and many curious passer-by approach to joint them. One of the charms of Berlin is the mix of cultures it prides itself on and its effort to defend equality and curb discrimination in all its forms. Any occasion is a good time to proclaim this motto like the boy in the photo does .

festival fête de la musique, berlin

Concerts are spread all over the neighborhoods, in parks, bars or simply in the middle of the street. You can check out where the concerts will take place or go for a walk and follow the music, both options are good. If you want to organize a little the day or want to know what kind of concerts you can find, on la Fête de la Musique’s website you have all the necessary information.

I’d recommend that you move among the different neighborhoods and kinds of music during the day to get a wider view of what this festival can offer. When the officially organized concerts are over, you can either go to the park or to the Kreuzberg area, where you will find small parties to keep dancing until the morning or until the neighbors or cops get angry.

festival la fête de la musique en Berlin