Xigon: a daring and unique restaurant in Berlin

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Exterior del restaurante asiático Xigon en Berlin

Close to the Volkspark Friedrichshain and half hidden in a small square called Petersburger Platz,  Xigon restaurant invites us to explore Asian cuisine.The style is casual, a mixture of homey and modern that makes us feel at home with a bold and informal touch. The outdoor terrace is full of flowers and at dusk, when the picturesque lamps are lit, it takes an intimate and welcoming air. On the blackboards, hanging on one side and one side of the entrance, the dishes of the day and recommended drinks are written.

Parrilada en el restaurante asiático Xigon en Berlin

When looking at the menu we find a long and varied offer in sushi, starters (the sommerrollen are very good), soups and main courses accompanied by noodles or rice (I always order the the yellow curry or the peanut lover). The value for money is unbelievably good, the vegan dishes cost about 5.5€ and with meat from 6 to 8€ and the dishes are much better cooked than at most of the Asian restaurants in Berlin.

interior del restaurante asiático Xigon en Berlin

The inside of the restaurant has a very peculiar aspect. Behind the bar the cooks prepare sushi and drinks, and instead of shelves there are wooden boxes to store the bottles. Immediately we locate the competitor for the protagonism of the place: along one of the side walls it’s painted a graffiti where you can read “Xigon” (the name of the restaurant) capturing all the attention and making it the main part of the room. The place is not very big, providing a more personal treatment and a greater sense of closeness. It is located in the central district of Friedrichshain and is well connected with public transport. It is easy to reach by tram M10 (Strassman Strasse) and it is within walking distance of the park, of Boxhagener Platz and the M5, M6 and M8 stop (Landsberger Allee/Peterburger Strasse).