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Fully Organized Itineraries

Explore meticulously planned day-to-day routes, complete with transportation details, hotel recommendations for different budgets, exciting tours, and top destinations to visit

What to the in the best destinations

Information about the places I’ve been to so that it might inspire you when planning your next trip

Best Travel Tips

Here are some suggestions and tips to make your travels more enjoyable, enhance your adventures, and prevent any inconveniences. Additionally, you’ll find some great ideas on how to maintain a vegan and healthy diet while on the go.

Transportation guides for every country

In this section, you’ll find comprehensive information on the various modes of transportation available, as well as where to purchase tickets and check pricing

Resources and discounts for your trip

Find the top service providers and exclusive discounts for your next travel adventure

The best travel insurance

Car rental comparison engine

Travel with Unlimited Data with Holafly

Transportation tickets

Cheap Hotels and Dorms

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Do you want to learn how to make money online?

Everything you need to start your online business and become a digital nomad.

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Video about tips and cool places around the world. Get inspired and start your new adventure!


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Eli travel tips nómada digital


Read additional tips and ideas that you cannot find on the blog, and some fun facts!

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Part of the income generated on the web will be used to support causes related to animals and the environment. You can help from home when buying any product. They will surely be very grateful!

curso marketing digital para emprendedores nómadas

I believe in freedom as a way to reach happiness and discover your true self, fearless. We all deserve it: you and those around you.

This is why I decided to create a space where you can find all the necessary tools to have a lifestyle that allows you to develop as a person and design a project that you believe in, that has a meaning and purpose, based on authenticity and your own well-being.

I offer you all the information you need to become a digital nomad, presented in a simple, entertaining way and straight to the point. In addition, I also share tips for traveling while following a vegan and healthy diet, so you never go hungry when you are abroad (my tummy cries just to think about it…).

Check out the blog and don’t forget to stop by the recommended books section, you’ll surely find more than one that appeals you!

Lots of love,


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