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RAW gelände: an old train factory in Berlin

The RAW Gelände in Berlin is one of the abandoned places in this city with more life, but originally it was a train construction and repair factory.

I’ll tell you about the origin of the RAW-gelände, what you can do, how to get to the RAW, what you can do in Berlin and where to stay

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Its capital, Berlin (👉BERLIN GUIDE), is a multicultural city that stands out from the rest European cities thanks to their own style, as you can see in their underground bars and clubs.

Although it also offers a great variety of activities. If you want to learn more about its history, I recommend you visit the Sachsenhausen camp and take a tour of the Nacism in Berlin.

Another option is to get on the tourist bus, or sail along the River Spree and enjoy the iconic landmarks on this Berlin boat tour.


The factory was active between 1867 and 1994 and was known as the ReichsbahnAusbesserungsWerk, hence the name RAW.

If you look closely, on the ground you can still see the tracks that were used to transport the trains during repair or production.

During the war they built a tower-shaped bunker which is still standing, although over the years its usefulness has changed and it has become a climbing wall.

raw gelaende berlin fabrica trenes fiesta


The different areas of the RAW-Gelände have been used by small businesses selling antique/vintage furniture, a wholesale and retail drinks supermarket,  a skating rink, a swimming pool, as the headquarters of a radio station or home to gyms, takewondo and pilates schools, and nightclubs.

During the day, locals who go to work or play sports mix with tourists who explore the place.

It is past noon when it begins to offer us its most active face: the bars, restaurants and booths where to eat open their doors (or windows) to offer its exquisite delicacies.

Next to it there is one of the most curious things about the place, (if you can choose one) a disco booth. It is similar to a telephone booth but with the peculiarity that the telephone is replaced by headphones, and inside it is illuminated with colored lights. Exactly like a small private disco.

In order not to contradict the spirit of Berlin, the adventure can never end after a good dinner, only appear Outside the restaurant we find a wide range of bars and clubs to dance or drink one last drink.

All this and more, concentrated in the RAW.


Then I leave you a video so you have a more precise idea of the appearance of the place and the location.

How to get to the raw gelände

RAW Gelände is easy to reach by public transport, as it is very centrally located and well connected.

You have 3 options to go: by S-bahn, U-bahn and tram. It tells you the three options and where you have to download:


There are 3 lines that go here, and they are the S3, S5, S9, S7, S75 and you should get off at the Warschauer Straße stop.


In the case of the U-bahn, you can choose between two lines: the U1 and the U3 and also get off at the Warschauer Straße stop.


The only tram that reaches the area is the M10 and it leaves you right in front of it. Remember to get off at the Warschauer Straße stop.


If it is better for you to go by bus, the closest ones are the 347 and the N1 and you should get off at the Helsingforser Platz or Oberbaumbrücke stop.

A little further but also very close, for the bus line 300 at Tamara-Danz-Str.

How to get from the airport to the center of Berlin

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) is located less than 25 km from the center of Berlin.

There are 4 different ways to get to the city center. The most comfortable option is to hire a TRANSFER (👉PRICES); although you can also take a taxi or go by public transport, that is, by S-bahn (something like the subway) or by regional train.

The two S-bahn lines to get to the center of Berlin from the airport terminals 1, 2 and 5 are lines S9 and S45. In both cases there are trains leaving every 20 minutes.

To get to the center of Berlin by train, you must take the Airport Express (FEX) or the regional trains RE7 and RB14. All of them stop at Terminal 1 and 2 of the airport. The regional trains stop is just below Terminal 1, and there are 4 scheduled departures every hour.

If your flight departs from Terminal 5, you will have to transfer at the same station to take the S9 or S45 to your terminal (the trip takes about 8 minutes).

You will find more detailed information in this article on how to get from the AIRPORT to the center of BERLIN

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Save Money with the Berlin welcome card

To get around Berlin easily, you can opt for the Berlin WelcomeCard (you can buy it at this link) which will allow you unlimited use of public transport (flat rate) and offers discounts of up to 50% in more than 190 museums and Berlin attractions.

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Tours & activities in Berlin

In Berlin there are many places and activities to enjoy during your stay in the German capital.

I leave you a list with the tours and activities you can do around Berlin, to get to know this city in more depth. Options also include free tours to help keep your travel budget from skyrocketing.

Is Germany safe for travelers?

Germany is a safe country to travel, and there are no risk areas where tourists are not recommended to go. If you are a victim of robbery or accident, you should call the police at 110.

Although it is a safe country, crimes also occur; so remember to follow these recommendations and hire a travel insurance

  • If you’re being robbed, don’t try to fight back physically.
  • Ve con cuidado al salir de noche, y mantente en lugares donde haya gente.
  • It’s best to be cautious at night, so stick to well-populated areas.
  • Keep your valuables close to your body and out of sight to avoid being a target for thieves (your camera, phone,..).
  • And finally, don’t carry your backpack on your back where it’s easy for someone to snatch it; carry it in front of you or use a belt bag or cross-body bag instead.

Eating vegan in Germany

Traditional German food is not exactly characterized by the scarcity of products of animal origin. Luckily, in this country you will find restaurants restaurants that offer many different cuisines and you will not be short of options when you go out to eat.

In general, it will not be difficult for you to find vegan food since most restaurants have vegan and vegetarian dishes on their menus and, in addition, there are also many restaurants that are entirely vegan.

If you want to cook to save a little, organic supermarkets are where you will find more options that fit your needs. And there are even german cities where you will find 100% vegan supermarkets!

Two practical tips for your stay:

  • Before going on a tour that includes a meal, always mention that you are vegan or vegetarian, so that they can adapt the food.
  • The quality of fruit and vegetables in German supermarkets is not the best. If you have a Turkish market or supermarket nearby, it’s better that you buy there the fruits and vegetables, nuts, hummus, muhammara, etc…

Where to stay in Berlin

The city of Berlin changes quite a bit depending on the area you visit. I would separate it into two zones depending on your preferences and the type of tourism you like.


Broadly speaking, the area of Stadtmitte, Kurfürstendamm and Charlottenburg is more arranged and expensive (American part during the GDR). Here you can do a quieter and more usual type of tourism, focusing on the monuments, the opera, museums, shopping, etc…


If you are more into the alternative style and focused on young people, I recommend the neighborhoods of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln. Here there are many curious and more alternative bars, concerts in basements, parks to have a barbecue, nightclubs that are open 3 days 24 hours, festivals, etc…

What to do near the RAW Gelände

Besides the RAW Gelände, the museums and the wall, there are many more great places to visit in Berlin. Below you will find some different places or places that are out of the ordinary, so you can make a mix between the usual and alternative that gives a different touch to your trip.

👉 If you arrive by plane, in the following link I will tell you how to get to the center of Berlin from the airport.

Weissensee Lake

In Berlin it is very cold and, when the good weather begins, everyone starts doing outdoor activities: whether it is going to the park, the lake, playing sports, etc…

If you fancy going for a swim in the lake without having to travel far (since the most beautiful ones are far from the center), you can choose to go to Weissensee lake.

It is very convenient to make a visit, because it is well connected by public transport (the tram stops in front of it) and it also has a quieter and more natural area (with ducks and swans!) and another with sand and a bar where you can drink or eat something. 

Warning: in Berlin it is normal to practice nudism, so don’t be surprised to see some ass in the air.


If you are planning on visiting the city in May-June, you’re in luck! Beacause around that time the Carnival of Cultures takes place in Berlin.

This is a street festival that includes concerts, activities for all ages and a parade of floats with everyone dressed up. It arose with the idea of celebrating the cultural diversity that exists in the city and is one of the best events of the year.

GO TO THE OPERA or ballet

Something that many people do not know is that going to the ballet or the opera in Berlin is very cheap and they also renew the billboard very regularly, in the same week they may offer 2 or 3 different performances.

The stagings can be classic or more modern and groundbreaking (some are amazing), thus approaching the younger audience.

Prices range from approximately €20 to €50 per person. And now comes the best: if you are a student or under 30 years old, and you show up 1 hour before the performance, you can buy the ticket you want for only €10 (awesome).

Thai park

At this Thai Park in Berlin you can enjoy real Thai street food. When summer arrives, the city’s Thai community makes stops at this park and cooks typical dishes from their country (they also offer massages). 

It’s something alternative and fun to do on a Sunday afternoon, compared to typical places for tourists. You go to the park, eat something, and lie on the grass while you drink a coconut or a mojito.

I hope you have a great time in Berlin and make the most of your trip!

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