Ritter Butzke: a hidden club in a former factory in Berlin

Are you in Berlin (Germany) and want to party at a techno club inside an old factory? Ritter Butzke in Kreuzberg has all this and much more

👉 I tell you what Ritter Butzke is like, how to get to the club, what to do and where to stay in Berlin



  1. Ritter BUtzke: Parties in a Factory
  2. A Berlin-style nightclub
  3. Directions to Ritter Butzke
  4. Tours and activities in Berlin
  5. Where to stay in Berlin
  6. What to do in Berlin


RITTER BUZKE: parties in a factory

Welcome to Ritter Butzke, one of those many clubs in Berlin that makes you feel like you’re in “Alice in Wonderland underground-shabby version inside a factory”.

I was working in this club (Klub, if you want to soak up some basic German vocabulary) and I must say that it is quite a festival, both before opening the doors and in the middle of the party, on one side or the other of the bar, it has no no waste, come on.

Here is a photo and then some curious information to warm up:

ritter butzke berlin discoteca salir de fiesta

RITTER BUZKE: A Berlin-style nightclub

The Ritter Butzke nights began illegally in 2007 in an old factory in the Kreuzberg district. Shortly after they were fined and had to move to Karl-Marx-Allee for a few months, until in 2009, now legally, they were able to organize parties again in the original location.

The club has 3 rooms with different motifs, one of them featuring a gigantic teapot, plus an interior patio that becomes open air in summer.

The music, needless to say, is techno and the atmosphere, in general, is like transporting you to another world: half decadent, half fantastic, and an extra half nonsense, and I’m telling you, I’ve been working there for a weather.

ritter butzke berlin discoteca salir de fiesta

How to get to Ritter Butzke

First you have to In order to immerse yourself in this parallel reality at night in Berlin you just have to take the U-bahn (U8) to Moritzplatz station and walk to Ritterstraße 26, below I leave you the map with the location.

Attention: finding the club can be a bit complicated (I got lost the first time I went).

These are the three options you have to find the Ritter Butzke:

  • follow the drunk people to the club
  • follow the empty alcohol bottles left on the street
  • when arriving at the address, enter the interior courtyard of the building without hesitating (I was being polite and I didn’t dare XD)

tours and activities in Berlin

In Berlin there are many places and activities to enjoy during your stay in the German capital.

Here you’ll find a list with the activities and tours you can do in Berlin, to get to know this city in more depth.

These options also include free tours to help you keep a tight travel budget.

Where to stay in Berlin

The city of Berlin changes quite a bit depending on the area you visit. I would separate it into two zones depending on your preferences and the type of tourism you like.

expensive area and less alternative

Broadly speaking, the area of Stadtmitte, Kurfürstendamm and Charlottenburg is more settled and expensive (American part during the GDR). Here you can do a quieter and more usual type of tourism, focusing on the monuments, the opera, museums, shopping, etc…

Young people + underground

If you are more into the alternative style and focused on young people, I recommend the neighborhoods of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln. Here there are many curious and more alternative bars, concerts in basements, parks to have a barbecue, nightclubs that are open 3 days 24 hours, festivals, etc.

What to do in Berlin

Apart from the museums and the wall, there are many more great places to visit in Berlin. Below you will find some different places or places that are out of the ordinary, so you can make a mix between the usual and alternative that gives a different touch to your trip.


If you arrive in the city in May-June, you’re in luck because the Berlin Carnival of Cultures is organized around that time.

It is a street festival that has concerts, activities for all audiences and a parade of floats with everyone in costume. It arose with the idea of celebrating the cultural diversity that exists in the city and is one of the best events of the year.

thai park

At the Thai Park in Berlin you can enjoy real Thai street food. When summer arrives, the city’s Thai community makes stops at this park and cooks typical dishes from their country (they also offer massages).

It’s an alternative and fun thing to do on Sunday afternoons, compared to typical places for tourists. You go to the park, eat something, and lie on the grass while you drink a coconut or a mojito.

Weissensee lake

It’s very cold in Berlin and, when the good weather starts, everyone starts doing outdoor activities: whether it’s going to the park, the lake, playing sports, etc…

If you want to go swimming in the lake without having to travel far (as the most beautiful ones are far from the center), you can choose to go to Lake Weissensee.

It is very convenient to make a visit, because it is well connected by public transport (the tram stops in front of it) and it also has a quieter and more natural area (with ducks and swans!) and another with sand and a bar where you can drink or eat something .

Warning: in Berlin it is normal to practice nudism, so do not be surprised to see some ass in the air.

Have a great few days in Berlin, and enjoy this beautiful city!