Sage / Kitkat Club: rock and uninhibited parties

Are you in Berlin and want to visit the Sage/Kitkat club? I give you information about the origins of this club, the parties, how to get there, the atmosphere and the type of music


  1. The beginnings of Sage/Kitkat
  2. The Sage/Kitkat nightclub
  3. The parties
  4. Getting to the Sage/Kitkat
  5. Activities and tours in Berlin
  6. Transportation and/or museum savings card
  7. Where to stay in Berlin
  8. What to do in Berlin


The Sage/Kitkat nightclub has a long history in Berlin:

In 1990, illegal afterhours began to be held at the Heinrich-Heine-Straße metro stop, organized by the club that would bear the name of Walfisch. After it was closed it was the turn of the Sage Club which opened in 1997.

Since then it has remained active, being a benchmark in the Berlin night scene. The club is open almost every day of the week until very late in the morning and in summer they also organize open airs.

sage/kitkat: The CLub

The interior of the club is a bit quirky: oversized lamps hang from the ceiling, pictures of people are painted on the walls, a metal fire-breathing dragon sits in one room, and they also have an indoor oriental-style pool. It’s brutal.

kitkat sage discoteca berlin club

sage/kitkat: The parties

I am going to divide this section into two, depending on the club we are talking about:


Thursday is the day of “Rock at Sage” in Berlin with free admission from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. You will find a mix of live concerts by international artists and DJ’s in the three rooms of this nightclub.


For the rest of the week it transforms and gives way to KitKat parties. This is a club that was born from the hands of Austrian adult film director Simon Thaur and his partner Kirsten Krüger.

The Kitkat nightclub has become famous in Berlin for being a swinger club. He organizes parties for different reasons (Saturday, for example, is fetish night) and people are free to do what they want and where they want as long as there is mutual consent. It has a dress code and it is clear: less is more.

They opt for trance and electro music and liven up the night with burlesque-type shows on the pool swing, bondage, etc.

sage kitkat club berlin swingers


The club is well connected by metro, so getting there is neither complicated nor a concern.

If you want to live a rock or crazy night in Berlin, you just have to take the U-bahn (U8) and go down to Heinrich-Heine-Straße, right there is the Sage/Kitkat.

Tours & activities in Berlin

En Berlín hay muchos lugares y actividades de las que disfrutar durante tu estada por la capital Alemana.

I leave you a list with the activities and tours you can do in Berlin, to get to know this city in more depth.

Options also include free tours to help keep your travel budget from skyrocketing

Save Money with the Berlin welcome card

To get around Berlin easily, you can opt for the Berlin WelcomeCard (you can buy it at this link) which will allow you unlimited use of public transport (flat rate) and offers discounts of up to 50% in more than 190 museums and Berlin attractions.

If you have small children, you will be happy to know that the card is free for children under 6 years of age. Prices for adults are as follows:

48h72h72h + museum isl.4 days5 days6 days
23 €33 €55 €40 €46 €49 €

Where to stay in Berlin

The city of Berlin changes quite a bit depending on the area you visit. I would separate it into two zones depending on your preferences and the type of tourism you like.


Broadly speaking, the area of Stadtmitte, Kurfürstendamm and Charlottenburg is more arranged and expensive (American part during the GDR). Here you can do a quieter and more usual type of tourism, focusing on the monuments, the opera, museums, shopping, etc…


If you are more into the alternative style and focused on young people, I recommend the neighborhoods of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln. Here there are many curious and more alternative bars, concerts in basements, parks to have a barbecue, nightclubs that are open 3 days 24 hours, festivals, etc…

What to see in Berlín

Besides the museums and the wall, there are many more great places to visit in Berlin. Below you will find some different places or places that are out of the ordinary, so you can make a mix between the usual and alternative that gives a different touch to your trip.


If you arrive in the city in May-June, you’re in luck because the Berlin Carnival of Cultures is organized around that time.

It is a street festival that has concerts, activities for all audiences and a parade of floats with everyone in costume. It arose with the idea of celebrating the cultural diversity that exists in the city and is one of the best events of the year.

La Fête de la Musique

On June 21, the Festival of Music is celebrated in style. Street concerts are organized throughout the city and anyone who wants to play is allowed to improvise on the street or in the parks.

The party takes place during the day but also at night, and it is a great time to go out dancing, or enjoy and learn about music from other countries, since Berlin is a multicultural city where people of different origins live.

thai park

At the Thai Park in Berlin you can enjoy real Thai street food. When summer arrives, the city’s Thai community makes stops at this park and cooks typical dishes from their country (they also offer massages).

It’s an alternative and fun thing to do on Sunday afternoons, compared to typical places for tourists. You go to the park, eat something, and lie on the grass while you drink a coconut or a mojito.

Weissensee lake

It’s very cold in Berlin and, when the good weather starts, everyone starts doing outdoor activities: whether it’s going to the park, the lake, playing sports, etc…

If you want to go swimming in the lake without having to travel far (as the most beautiful ones are far from the center), you can choose to go to Lake Weissensee.

It is very convenient to make a visit, because it is well connected by public transport (the tram stops in front of it) and it also has a quieter and more natural area (with ducks and swans!) and another with sand and a bar where you can drink or eat something .

Warning: in Berlin it is normal to practice nudism, so do not be surprised to see some ass in the air.

volkspark friedrichshain Park

If you like lakes and parks, I recommend you visit the Volkspark Friedrichshain, it was one of my favorite places in summer because of the atmosphere and its central location.

It is a very complete park: many people organize barbecues with friends or come to play sports. There are also bars, and a lake with ducks where you can’t swim, but you can sunbathe lying on the grass.

When the temperatures begin to rise and the good weather arrives, they organize an open-air cinema where alternative cinema films prevail.

GO TO THE OPERA or ballet

Something that many people do not know is that going to the ballet or the opera in Berlin is very cheap and they also renew the billboard very regularly, in the same week they may offer 2 or 3 different performances.

The stagings can be classic or more modern and groundbreaking (some are amazing), thus approaching the younger audience.

Prices range from approximately €20 to €50 per person. And now comes the best: if you are a student or under 30 years old, and you show up 1 hour before the performance, you can buy the ticket you want for only €10 (wow).

I hope that this post has been helpful to you in organizing your visit, and that you enjoy Berlin a lot!