German restaurant zum Schusterjungen in Berlin

German restaurant zum Schusterjungen in Berlin

Zum Schusterjungen is a typical German restaurant that is almost 100 years old and it’s located in Prenzlauer Berg district, very close to Mauerpark. They offer traditional dishes such as…

Carnival of Cultures: parallel realities in Berlin

Carnival of cultures in berlin germany

Street  festivals are very popular in Berlin and one of its hot spots. It is a good time to leave home and feel transported to another world, the diversity of people living in this city is such that every…

La Fête de la Musique in Berlin

Festival Fête de la musique in Berlin

June 21st is one of the most special days in Berlin: la Fête de la Musique is celebrated with the aim of giving all people access to the music. Its streets are filled with artists playing freely…

Görlitzer Park: barbecues, green plains, graffiti and goats in Berlin

Görlitzer Park Berlin travel

Parks are one of the biggest attractions in Berlin. After a long, long winter, when summer arrives everyone leaves their house and tries to do the maximum number of outdoor activities: in the parks, terraces, lakes, open airs… If you are visiting the city and want to relax or eat something, the best…

Thai Park: a bit of Thailand in Berlin

Thai Park Berlin street food

During the summer the Preussenpark turns into a bit of Thailand every Sunday. From 11am until 10 pm you can enjoy the food of this country made by native people. There is where to choose: from worms…

Weissensee: a lake and park in the middle of Berlin

Berlin park lake weissensee

Weissensee lake is the perfect place to take a dip without too many complications or stroll through the park and have a picnic. It is very well connected, there’s a tram stop next to it and it is quite central…

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